Use Font Awesome anywhere you wish

Since I started to use font awesome for my web and mobile applciation development those where become my pals in handeling UI elements. During documentation I was wondering whether this ICON’s can be used to create good image to my customer during documentation phase itself. Then it came to lime light that this can be used any where in just 3 steps. I am serious just in 3 steps

Step 1: Download Font Awesome click here

Step 2: Extract zip file and install fonts in folder. Don’t worry about css and JS file we don’t need it. Just install fonts which or OTF or TTF files.

Step 3: Just go to cheat sheet page¬†and copy required font and past in your word document or any place you wish tada…. Now you can use font awesome in your word document that to you can change size, colour and play with it as you do with your other fonts.

Screenshot from 2016-08-15 11-52-44

Enjoy.. Kindly provide your feedback/queries in comments.

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