Tech Weekly 1st Edition

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1. Google Killed a feature in its search engine?

Yes guys you heard right they killed a features which is known as Instant introduced in 2010. This feature provides users instant results while they are typing. Don’t worry even now google provide suggestions while you type but it won’t deliver any results untill you press ‘enter’. As per reports from google this move was aimed at making search even faster.

2. New Language by Facebook AI bots!!!

Artificial intelligence bots started conversing in a language of their own forcing Facebook to pull the plug on the bots. Bots were started conversation in english at last end up with started invented a language to communicate between each other  which leaving researchers stumped. Do you think raise of AI is good or bad? drop your comments let all other codezoners know about it.

3. ICE Cream stay in shape for hours? Are you kidding?

Actually that is tru now you don’t need a refrigerator to have ice cream at your home. Japan’s Biotherapy Development research center geniuses added polyphenol strawberry extract to the normal ice cream recipe to make them resistant to melting. If kept at 30 degree C these ice creams will retain their shape for hours. I wonder is that healthy?? any side effects due to mutation of ICE Creams 😛 lets enjoy it anyhow…

4. Hacker who stopped WannaCry arrested

We all remember a serious malware attack well known as WannaCry which threatened to paralyse govts and many system around the world. The researcher who found its kill switch had been arrested for creating & distributing malicious software designed to collect bank account passwords. Marcus Hutchins was arrested on his way back from a conference in Las Vegas.

5. IITian held for stealing Aadhaar data

Abhinav Srivastav an IITian who hails from kanpur in UP has been apprehended by bengaluru police for allegedly hacking illegally  and accessed UIDAI’s Aashaar database. He was working for cab aggregator OLA. Police suspect that the accused stole at least 40,000 Aadhaar cardholders information such as addresses, mobile phone nos, email and other personal details. Really our data is safe? drop your comments on it

6. Google’s ‘Intenet Saathi’ reaches 1 lakh villages

A digital literacy initiative programme by Google’s known as ‘Internet Saathi’ to empower women in rural India reached 1 lakh villages in the country. Google launched the project in collaboration with Tata Trust in 2015. The tech giant has announced plans to expand the project to cover 3 lakh villages across India by December.

7. Indian Hackers send GIFT to packistan??

We may cross that many indian government department websites were hacked by others. But to a change Anonymous Indian hackers breached the official website of Pak govt & posted Indian national anthem as background music and Independence day greetings on it. Following that website was down for some time.

8. IBM makes breakthrough in data storage

IBM in collaboration with Sony Storage Media Solutions has developed a new sputtered magnetic tape storage that can store 201 gigabits of data per square inch. THe prototype technology allowed scientists to pack 330 terabytes of uncompressed data into a cartridge that fits into your palm. This is tremendously higher that the conventional technology that can store only 15 TH per data cartridge.

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