Simple Site Maintenance HTML Page

There is a situation for all need to make their site under Maintenance or under construction. Many are providing so many templates and I also saw many used to have images in their webpages. I was wondering why it can be a simple HTML page. So I am sharing you a simple HTML script will take care of it.

 * Author: Dineshkumar
 * Contact :
<!doctype html>
<title>Site Maintenance</title>
<img src="" data-wp-preserve="%3Cstyle%3E%0A%20%20body%20%7B%20text-align%3A%20center%3B%20padding%3A%20150px%3B%20%7D%0A%20%20h1%20%7B%20font-size%3A%2050px%3B%20%7D%0A%20%20body%20%7B%20font%3A%2020px%20Helvetica%2C%20sans-serif%3B%20color%3A%20%23333%3B%20%7D%0A%20%20article%20%7B%20display%3A%20block%3B%20text-align%3A%20left%3B%20width%3A%20650px%3B%20margin%3A%200%20auto%3B%20%7D%0A%20%20a%20%7B%20color%3A%20%23dc8100%3B%20text-decoration%3A%20none%3B%20%7D%0A%20%20a%3Ahover%20%7B%20color%3A%20%23333%3B%20text-decoration%3A%20none%3B%20%7D%0A%3C%2Fstyle%3E" data-mce-resize="false" data-mce-placeholder="1" class="mce-object" width="20" height="20" alt="<style>" title="<style>" />

    <h1>We’ll be back soon!</h1>
        <p>Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always <a href="mailto:#">contact us</a>, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!</p>
        <p>— The Team</p>

Just Change # in above code to your email address.

Happy coding…

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