How to Fix WordPress Internet Server Error

WordPress is most popular CMS but some time users used to face “Internal Server Error” or 505 Error. If you have question why it happening?, to answer this question actually there are so many reason for it. To figure out let us proceed by case by case to find out which is actual trouble maker.

Case 1: Check .htaccess file is corrupted

  1. Login into FTP client
  2. Rename .htaccess to .htaccess_old
  3. Check whether site loads. If site loads continue remaining steps yes actually we find the reason. Else revoke changes made on .htaccess name and check next case.
  4. If site loads then login into admin login and go to settings->Premalinks and then click on save. This will generate new .htaccess file with proper rewrite rules.
  5. Delete .htacess_old

Case 2: Check whether any plugin causing it

If you can able to login then follow below instruction else next one.

  1. Login into admin panel
  2. Go to plugin page
  3. deactivate all plugins
  4. And then now activate plugins one by one
  5. One activating any one plugin this cause error means then that is the actual issue for it. Either update plugin or contact developer for further support.
  6. If you can’t able to find any plugin causing that problem then check next case.

If you not able to login in to admin panel then follow below instruction

  1. Login into FTP
  2. Navigate to wp-contents folder and rename plugins to plugins.deactivated
  3. Now check whether website is loading. If it is not loading means check with next case else you find issue with plugin and follow next step
  4. Now login into admin panel and navigate to plugins
  5. Now rename back plugins.deactivate to plugins
  6. Now activate plugins one by one and find which plugin is causing this issue and rectify it by updating it or by contacting developer for further support.

Case 3: PHP memory limit

Some time PHP memory limit got exhausted, This can be fixed by increasing memory limit but that is temporary solution since your plugin or theme is using your memory more due to poor coding. Contact your hosting service provider to get log of which plugin is using more resource. To increase memory limit follow below steps

  1. Create blank file named php.ini
  2.  paste memory=64MB in it and save
  3. upload it into wp-admin folder using FTP

Case 4: Reupload core files

Reupload wp-admin and wp-includes from fresh installed wordpress. This will not remove information and if any core files got corrupted then it will replace it.

Case 5: Contact Hosting Provider

Even after going through all cases you can’t able to figure out contact hosting service provider then they will help you in it by monitoring server logs to sort down it.

Happy coding…:)




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