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Don’t charge your phone overnight

Many of us have habit of charging phone overnight while we sleep. But this is a bad idea and also dangerous too. Below are few insights

  1. The lithium-ion battery will damage faster.
  2. The lifespan of the battery will be shortened.
  3. It causes overheating as above temperature above 35 deg C can damage a phone’s battery
  4. Overheating some times, lead to explosion

Simple tricks to extend your battery life

Now a days smart phones were rules everywhere and also people were struggles to manage their battery life since numerous modules and multi tasking were performed. Following our simple tricks to reduce power usage by your smart phone

  1. Turn off GPS or location service in your mobile. It takes lot of power consumption since it fetch GPS information often
  2. Try to use wifi instead of telecom network. In India telecom network connectivity is not much proper due to which mobile need to spend more energy to strengthen it’s signal to keep you in track.
  3. Keep screen auto brightness on
  4. Check and block unwanted background running apps
  5. Reduce usage of messenger app and social networking apps
  6. Use power saver mode
  7. Remove unused apps by clearing cache