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Add SSL and secure WordPress with HTTPS

Hello Coders… Today lets see how to configure wordpress to have https based request. So many have a question that first of all what is SSL and why HTTPS? We share our personal information with different websites whether it’s making a purchase or for logging in on daily basis. In order to protect the data […]

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Wanna Cry Ransomware

A malicious ransomware has been used to deploy a massive cyber attack, infecting computers in nearly 100 countries. The ransomware called “WannaCry” locks up files on computers and encrypts them in a way that it does not allow user to access them anymore. Hackers trick victims into opening the malicious attachments that appeared to contain […]

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Background Image auto scaling using CSS

Hi guys today I am going to explain about a CSS property known as background-size. This helps in image auto scaling based on screen view. Usual case we use textures to fill background using repeat property. Some time we use single image as background. We can’t use very large time which will take more bandwidth and […]

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Delete A Repository in BitBucket

Hi as a professional developer we always keen to organize source code through git hub or bitbucket. After creating repository sometime we are in situation to delete such repositories. In bit bucket you can able to do that through following steps: Log into your Bitbucket account. Navigate to the repository you want to delete. Click […]

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