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Tech Weekly 2nd Edition

Hi Guys this is second edition of Tech Weekly So lets get into things happen in last week

1.  Editing work in Human gene!!

Ya guys you are right US scientists have edited human genes using an editing tool called CRISPR. However results of this experiment have not been published and scientists who spearheaded the experiment haven’t divulged any information about this controversial matter. Anyhow while we look back in history 1st cloned monkey embryo was created in 2007 and in 2013 first cloning of human stem cells done.

2. 38 Hour internet blackout in pakistan

Last week pakistan suffered a 38-houts internet blackout caused by a fault in the India-Middle East-Western Europe submarine cable laid by PTCL. The disruption of internet services affected flight services and several other activities. While PTCL chief Businesss development officer Sikander naqi said ” There are four PTCL cables, were as private companies have two, six cables are good enough for pakistan”

3. Induce and test sweat Biosensors developed

Researchers have developed a biosensor that uses chemical stimulants to produce sweat through chemical called as carbachol. This sweat is used to test person’s health indication. Sweat contains chemical markers used to monitor health which is higher than saliva or tears.The sensor is a viable, non-invasive alternative to blood testing, which has always been considered the gold standard for biometric analysis.

4. Paytm introduce Postcard and Paytm Automatic

Paytm had launched a Post card feature. THis will allow users to digitally send money to their loved ones during special occasions in the form of a Shagun, a decorated envelope containing gift money. users will have customization options for decoration and messages. Its option is shown as an icon on the app. Paytm has also launched Paytm Automatic which automatically refills money to your paytm wallet.

5. Youtube introduce messaging feature

Youtube has added an in-app chat feature for Android and iOS users. Now app allows users to share videos and chat about them right on YouTube. users can even reply to a video with another video, invite others to the conversation. The feature can be accessed by pressing the share button on the YouTube app. The new feature will reduce the number of steps for sharing a video.

6. Are you running behind charger for your phone? Then this is for you

Well, from now on you needn’t charge your smartphone anymore. Yes I am not kidding researchers from University of Washington have developed a phone that hardly uses a battery at all. THe team had built a device that uses analogue rather than digital signals, which means the device is powered entirely by harvesting power from ambient RF waves. They hope to integrate the tech into standard cellphones.

7. Cops want to hire hacker they arrested?

Last edition we had a news about a former Ola employee, who was arrested for hacking into Aadhaar data, has impressed Bengaluru cops so much that they decided to hire him. 31 year old ABhinav Srivastava had created an app that illegally access Aadhaar data. THe cops are in such an awe with his tech skills that they are seeking permission to offer him a job as a cybersecurity expert.

8. Android Co-founder is launching a smart phone

Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android has announced his own smartphone brand ‘Essential’, which had already received investment from Amazon and Tencent of about $300mn. It was planned to launch this device by June but company however claimed that the new smartphone will be launched in the next few weeks and will be sold by Amazon.

9. Amazon enters food delivery with latest tech

Amazon Inc will utilize a technology developed by the US military to produce tasty meals that do not require refrigeration. The technique known as microwave assisted thermal sterilization involved placing sealed packages of food in pressurized water and heating them with microwaves for several minutes. The technology will make it easy to stockpile and ship food.

10. Apple’s Siri gives racist reply to ‘Indian’

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri gave a racist reply to the question “what is an Indian?” The smart assistant replied ” They are a little brown and they smell like curry and they eat it”. However it is being reported that the answer picked up by Siri was from Wikipedia after someone had edited the page info with that comment. Apple claimed that it now gives an appropriate answer.


Ok that’s all folks… but below is for information purpose. I came across a topic which provided information on legal information on Indian law regarding torrent. I would like to share those information to you. Most of the people used to download things using torrent whether they will be jailed? Although it is said to be illegal, Indian law regarding the same is vague. The section 63 & 65 of the Copyright Act are outdated in the wake of advancement that torrents technology has seen. Technically, you can’t be jailed if you’ve downloaded the videos for yourself. However distributing it is a crime. Also if you buy a pirated movie, you can be jailed for abetting privacy.

Tech Weekly 1st Edition

Hi Guys, I have planned to start weekly updates on tech news happen around the industry so this is my first post towards it. Follow my blog and extend your support, also provide your feedback on comment section below

1. Google Killed a feature in its search engine?

Yes guys you heard right they killed a features which is known as Instant introduced in 2010. This feature provides users instant results while they are typing. Don’t worry even now google provide suggestions while you type but it won’t deliver any results untill you press ‘enter’. As per reports from google this move was aimed at making search even faster.

2. New Language by Facebook AI bots!!!

Artificial intelligence bots started conversing in a language of their own forcing Facebook to pull the plug on the bots. Bots were started conversation in english at last end up with started invented a language to communicate between each other  which leaving researchers stumped. Do you think raise of AI is good or bad? drop your comments let all other codezoners know about it.

3. ICE Cream stay in shape for hours? Are you kidding?

Actually that is tru now you don’t need a refrigerator to have ice cream at your home. Japan’s Biotherapy Development research center geniuses added polyphenol strawberry extract to the normal ice cream recipe to make them resistant to melting. If kept at 30 degree C these ice creams will retain their shape for hours. I wonder is that healthy?? any side effects due to mutation of ICE Creams 😛 lets enjoy it anyhow…

4. Hacker who stopped WannaCry arrested

We all remember a serious malware attack well known as WannaCry which threatened to paralyse govts and many system around the world. The researcher who found its kill switch had been arrested for creating & distributing malicious software designed to collect bank account passwords. Marcus Hutchins was arrested on his way back from a conference in Las Vegas.

5. IITian held for stealing Aadhaar data

Abhinav Srivastav an IITian who hails from kanpur in UP has been apprehended by bengaluru police for allegedly hacking illegally  and accessed UIDAI’s Aashaar database. He was working for cab aggregator OLA. Police suspect that the accused stole at least 40,000 Aadhaar cardholders information such as addresses, mobile phone nos, email and other personal details. Really our data is safe? drop your comments on it

6. Google’s ‘Intenet Saathi’ reaches 1 lakh villages

A digital literacy initiative programme by Google’s known as ‘Internet Saathi’ to empower women in rural India reached 1 lakh villages in the country. Google launched the project in collaboration with Tata Trust in 2015. The tech giant has announced plans to expand the project to cover 3 lakh villages across India by December.

7. Indian Hackers send GIFT to packistan??

We may cross that many indian government department websites were hacked by others. But to a change Anonymous Indian hackers breached the official website of Pak govt & posted Indian national anthem as background music and Independence day greetings on it. Following that website was down for some time.

8. IBM makes breakthrough in data storage

IBM in collaboration with Sony Storage Media Solutions has developed a new sputtered magnetic tape storage that can store 201 gigabits of data per square inch. THe prototype technology allowed scientists to pack 330 terabytes of uncompressed data into a cartridge that fits into your palm. This is tremendously higher that the conventional technology that can store only 15 TH per data cartridge.

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Add SSL and secure WordPress with HTTPS

Hello Coders…

Today lets see how to configure wordpress to have https based request.

So many have a question that first of all what is SSL and why HTTPS?

We share our personal information with different websites whether it’s making a purchase or for logging in on daily basis. In order to protect the data transfer, a secure connection needs to be created. That’s when SSL and HTTPS come in.
HTTPS or Secure HTTP is an encryption method that secures the connection between users’ browser and your server. This makes it harder for hackers to eavesdrop on the connection. Each site is issued a unique SSL certificate for identification purposes. If a server is pretending to be on HTTPS, and it’s certificate doesn’t match, then most modern browsers will warn the user from connecting to the site.

Recently, Google also announced that they will be using HTTPS and SSL as a ranking signal in their search results. This means that using HTTPS and SSL will help improve your site’s SEO.

Where to get SSL?

Many hosting service provider give SSL certificate for websites. We also provide SSL certificate as our product you can contact us we will provide SSL certificate around INR 850 (USD 12) or else you can approach other provider like godaddy. Some web hosting providers provide hosting with free SSL. we also provide web hosting with free SSL. You can have service through such providers to have SSL for your domain.

Mostly SSL configuration can be done with support of hosting service provider so we are much concentrated towards configuring wordpress for accepting HTTPS connection

How to setup wordpress to use HTTPS connection?

If you installing wordpress through softaculous then there is an option to select http / https during installation process so that it will write .htaccess file based on that.

If you installed directly through manual installation or already existing site then you can navigate to settings -> general settings under which you can see wordpress address and site address which in default have http you need to change it to https as given in below screenshot

Once it done your wordpress site will be redirect to https from http.

You can also do this by adding following code in .htaccess above wordpress .htaccess rules.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L]

change to your domain name. This will make your wordpress site redirect to https. Even for normal site also this will make redirection to https.

Thanks for reading… Happy coding…

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Now you can copy files from PC and paste in phone!!! Microsoft

Guys now forgot to search for data cable to transfer files to your  I mobile device for urgent need of transferring  I some files. Now your old copy paste model will work for you but new things not between same device now it’s across PC and mobile. Microsoft’s let us to copy files from PC/ laptop to users mobile phones running in Android or iOS devices seamlessly. User can utilize this feature by login into their Microsoft account in all of their devices. This new cloud powered clipboard has its origin in oneclip, a garage project which Microsoft developed it as experimental tool. Give a try and provide your feedback on comments below… 

Wanna Cry Ransomware

A malicious ransomware has been used to deploy a massive cyber attack, infecting computers in nearly 100 countries. The ransomware called “WannaCry” locks up files on computers and encrypts them in a way that it does not allow user to access them anymore. Hackers trick victims into opening the malicious attachments that appeared to contain job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files. Below image shows spread of attack of WannaCry around globe

Image Credits:MalwareTech

Indian & Russia have been massively hit by the malware because majority of the systems run on the old windows XP OS which is no longer supported by Microsoft security support.

Microsoft taken the unprecedented step of issuing patches for unsupported operating system like windows XP in the wake of the massive WannaCry Ransomware attack against organization around the world.

Suggestion for security: Update your operating system with recent supportive version of operating system provider and also have official virus scanners in system with recent updates. Operating system providers often release security and upgradation patches which should be updated on availability to avoid this scenarios in future.


Security tip found in internet try your luck