Now you can copy files from PC and paste in phone!!! Microsoft

Guys now forgot to search for data cable to transfer files to your  I mobile device for urgent need of transferring  I some files. Now your old copy paste model will work for you but new things not between same device now it’s across PC and mobile. Microsoft’s let us to copy files from PC/ laptop to users mobile phones running in Android or iOS devices seamlessly. User can utilize this feature by login into their Microsoft account in all of their devices. This new cloud powered clipboard has its origin in oneclip, a garage project which Microsoft developed it as experimental tool. Give a try and provide your feedback on comments below… 

Wanna Cry Ransomware

A malicious ransomware has been used to deploy a massive cyber attack, infecting computers in nearly 100 countries. The ransomware called “WannaCry” locks up files on computers and encrypts them in a way that it does not allow user to access them anymore. Hackers trick victims into opening the malicious attachments that appeared to contain job offers, security warnings and other legitimate files. Below image shows spread of attack of WannaCry around globe

Image Credits:MalwareTech

Indian & Russia have been massively hit by the malware because majority of the systems run on the old windows XP OS which is no longer supported by Microsoft security support.

Microsoft taken the unprecedented step of issuing patches for unsupported operating system like windows XP in the wake of the massive WannaCry Ransomware attack against organization around the world.

Suggestion for security: Update your operating system with recent supportive version of operating system provider and also have official virus scanners in system with recent updates. Operating system providers often release security and upgradation patches which should be updated on availability to avoid this scenarios in future.


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