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Tech Weekly 2nd Edition

Hi Guys this is second edition of Tech Weekly So lets get into things happen in last week 1.  Editing work in Human gene!! Ya guys you are right US scientists have edited human genes using an editing tool called CRISPR. However results of this experiment have not been published and scientists who spearheaded the […]

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Tech Weekly 1st Edition

Hi Guys, I have planned to start weekly updates on tech news happen around the industry so this is my first post towards it. Follow my blog and extend your support, also provide your feedback on comment section below 1. Google Killed a feature in its search engine? Yes guys you heard right they killed […]

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Add SSL and secure WordPress with HTTPS

Hello Coders… Today lets see how to configure wordpress to have https based request. So many have a question that first of all what is SSL and why HTTPS? We share our personal information with different websites whether it’s making a purchase or for logging in on daily basis. In order to protect the data […]

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Now you can copy files from PC and paste in phone!!! Microsoft

Guys now forgot to search for data cable to transfer files to your  I mobile device for urgent need of transferring  I some files. Now your old copy paste model will work for you but new things not between same device now it’s across PC and mobile. Microsoft’s let us to copy files from PC/ […]

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Wanna Cry Ransomware

A malicious ransomware has been used to deploy a massive cyber attack, infecting computers in nearly 100 countries. The ransomware called “WannaCry” locks up files on computers and encrypts them in a way that it does not allow user to access them anymore. Hackers trick victims into opening the malicious attachments that appeared to contain […]

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